Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is a Home Tattoo Fading Lotion Right for you?

Is a Home Tattoo Fading Lotion Right for you? Well, if you are looking for a way to treat your tattoo at home, a home tattoo fading lotion may just be the answer. There are many over the counter tattoo fading lotions available.

These lotions are applied directly to the the tattoo to make it become lighter in appearance. The Home Tattoo Fading lotions contain skin lighteners and exfoliating ingredients to lessen the appearance of the tattoo.

Will it take time? Yes, it does take time, but the layers of skin that hold the tattoo break down and will cause that stubborn tattoo to lighten eventually. Be aware, home tattoo removal is not a quick and easy process, and these lotions do require a commitment of several months. However, home tattoo fading lotions are certainly the least painful, least expensive, and most rewarding way to remove an unwanted tattoo.

Be aware that it will take time and require commitment. In the end, your patience will likely bring you results. As home tattoo fading creams are inexpensive and you have your privacy intact, it is well worth the effort to give it a try.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

How does a Tattoo Fading Lotion Work?

A Tattoo Fading lotion works by having an effect on your layers of skin. The lotion goes into the top epidermis layer and makes it peel away. This exposes the next layer, the dermis, where your tattoo actually is. Your body then goes to work healing the epidermis layer and a scab is formed, which makes part of the dermis (tattoo layer) pull away.

This pulling away will cause some of that old tattoo to fade or remove as the scab falls off. Obviously, the effectiveness of a tattoo fading lotion will have many conditions, including how your tattoo was applied into the dermis layer to begin with. The more professional the job, the better. Now you know how tattoo fading lotion works, do you think it will work for you?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tattoo Fading Lotion-Give it a Try!

Is it time for you to try some Tattoo Fading Lotion? Are you no longer in love with your old tattoo and looking for a tattoo fading lotion to make it go away? Well, today there are many lotions that will work to help you fade away that less than perfect tattoo, lessen the appearance, and reduce the need to see a doctor for treatment. Good thing, because that also saves you money!

Now are you hoping for instant results, like no tattoo tomorrow? Well, don't be fooled by all those ads and amazing sales pitches. It is simply not possible! There is no lotion that can instantly or almost overnight fade your tattoo. But, if you are willing to be patient, tattoo fading lotions will work over time, usually after about 1-2 months. So, will your tattoo go completely away? Well, the answer is no, there is no tattoo fading lotion that can do that for you. But if you have a little tattoo that you have changed your mind about, a tattoo fading lotion may work wonders for you.